Circuit bent keyboard


Unique, hand crafted circuit bent keyboard adapted from the children’s sample-based keyboard modified by JK themself. Hands colored in yellow, orange and eco-friendly. This unpredictable grainy, rhythm-based madness could be heard on JK/47 and Radar Cinema releases. Infinite sounds and rhythms with a few foreseeable functions too.

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Circuit Bent Keyboard is fairly in Pink

Circuit Bent Keyboard is fairly in Pink

Author: Tom Nardi / Source: Hackaday

Circuit Bent Keyboard is fairly in Pink

If you are anything like us, greater than a couple of of the projects were borne out to the fact that you’d some crusty little bit of gear which was badly looking for another lease on existence. Whether or not this would be a hands-me-lower or pulled from the garbage, we’ve at one time or any other had some bit of hardware within our hands that may not be worth anything in the current form, but will make an awesome excuse for starting to warm up the soldering iron.

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Basic Bends – Kidtunes Electronic Keyboard


Circuit Bending

I’ve been working on a new toy and I wanted to give a quick update on my progress with it. Today I’ve been working on a Kidtunes Electronic Keyboard which I picked up at Value Village. The Kidtunes electric keyboard is made by a Chinese company called Scientific Toys and though I wasn’t able to find an exact year I would assume based on the circuit that it came out in the early 2000s. The keyboard itself is a little odd as it has two octaves (from G to F) but is missing the second F sharp. I guess they assumed kids wouldn’t notice. The toy is monophonic (only one note can be played at a time) but has two distinct voices. There is a sustained organ voice as well as a shorter cleaner piano sound. The Kidtunes keyboard also features a demo mode and a low-high volume control.

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Circuit Bent Casio SK-1 Keyboard Sampler

The Alien-Devices Casio SK-1 v3 features 30 Stable modifications including 24 Voice Modifications, Pitch Dial, Body Contacts, Poly Dial, Drum Overload Knob, Drum Kill Switch, and Reset Switches. The SK-1’s new circuit bending controls introduce distortions, loops and resequenced waveforms. This modified instrument is a superb sample source and great supply of inspiration for experimental electronic music composition.

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